Republicans for Anna Kaplan (title of site)

She's one of us.

We were about to lose our state senate seat in 2018 to Democrats, but thankfully our guys Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Jay Jacobs stepped in just in time with a fellow conservative to keep the seat in OUR control.

We can always count on them to keep Democrats from winning. And Anna will always protect the guy that put her in power.

Anna Kaplan sitting to the left of disgraced former Democratic governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo.
New York State legislators speaking to press in front of banner stating "No Driver's Licenses For Illegal Immigrants."

She won't forget where she came from.

Immigrants? No thank you!

These NY liberals keep giving all these benefits to immigrants like driver's licenses! Thankfully, Anna made a strong showin gin her first year and voted against it!

Democrats wouldn't stop there though. They would go on to try to protect illegal immigrants from ICE, not to mention giving them healthcare and unemployment funds! As if they contribute anything to our society!

Don't worry, Anna stood strong against these too. She's anti-immigrant all the way.

Drill, baby, drill.

Anna knows that fossil fuels are the future.

Her first year in the state senate, she proudly backed the Williams Pipeline—a fracked gas pipeline running through NY Harbor right to Long Island—but these activists wouldn't leave her alone!

Anna didn't let them intimidate her though! She would go on to withhold support from major climate legislation that would penalize corporate polluters or transition to renewable energy.

Protestors protesting against former state senator Anna Kaplan's support of fracked gas Williams Pipeline.
Anna Kaplan standing with billionaires.

Who will stand up for the billionaires?

The Trump years were good to us, and Anna will help keep it going.

When Trump cut federal corporate taxes for in 2017, left-wing radicals pushed for increases to New York State taxes to make up the difference and fund public education, support essential workers during the pandemic, and fix the housing crisis.

That didn't get past Anna! She refused to support these tax increases. Thanks Anna!

Ban Ben & Jerry's!

We don't eat hippie ice cream.

Anna led the fight in trying to ban Ben & Jerry's and blazed a path for CE Bruce Blakeman, Rep. Anthony D'Esposito rest of the Republicans  to do the same in Nassau County!

Clearly the issue of our lifetime.

Image of Ben & Jerry's IDough, IDough ice cream with a rainbox above it.
Politicians at a "Save Our Suburbs" events.

Save our suburbs!

Affordable housing would bring in those... urban people.

Anna worked to kill proposals to create new and affordable housing across New York State. She even took donations promising to protect low income tenants and then voted against them. Brilliant!

We get to keep Long Island unaffordable and no one bats an eye—except working people, renters, and young families. Not our problem!

Not everyone deserves healthcare.

And Anna will keep it that way.

The pandemic was scary. Regular people started making demands like sick leave and healthcare!

Everyone is for it. Young people. Old people. Nurses... this was going to be a tough battle.

Democrats were even basing their vote on support of universal healthcare, so Anna smartly said she was "for it," but once she was elected, she changed her mind.

That's our girl!

New York State Nurses Association union members are pictured standing up for the New York Health Act, which Anna refused to support, with a banner stating "Healthcare Justice Saves Lives!"
Anna Kaplan speaking at rally opposing George Santos.

Democrats are idiots.

Anna has been blocking their agenda at every turn and they still think she's one of them! All we have to do now is get her through the Democratic Primary...