Choosing The Right Eyeliner For Your Waterline

Choosing the right eyeliner can be very involving as eyeliners occur in different types and the eyeliner type chosen varies with how it is applied. Therefore, in choosing the right eyeliner for your waterline, the following factors should be put into consideration;

Type of the eyeliner


Eyeliners occur in three distinguishable types. These include; the gel eyeliner, the liquid eyeliner, and the pencil eyeliner. These eyeliners can assist one to achieve different styles and finishes that complement the waterline. Hence, each eyeliner gives a varying finish to the waterline. The pencil eyeliner gives soft well blended natural waterlines which compliment the eye shadow.  On the other hand, liquid eyeliner allows the user to reshape the eyes to achieve cat eyes this is because the eyeliner gives delicate and glossy waterlines or clearly contoured waterlines. Similarly, with the gel eyeliner user achieves very clear waterlines that allow good coloration and varying color gradations such that it is possible to achieve the desired waterline by controlling the thickness of the waterline.

How to apply

To achieve a clear waterline that is beautiful and naturally attractive a better understanding of how to apply the eyeliner is necessary. The chosen eyeliner should fill in the gaps that occur between the eyelashes. This assists in achieving the thickening of the waterline to the desired thickness which gives an attractive and pulling effect to the eyes. The eyeliner finish is done using soft brush bristles while using gel and liquid eyeliners while the pencil eyeliner uses the pencil tip. It is important to take care of the eyes by cleaning them.

Costs involved

The chosen eyeliner should be affordable since for most enthusiasts they are easily spent. Hence, the price paid should be equal or lesser to the value attained. However, eyeliners that are charged exorbitantly should be avoided since they are expensive and have little additional value on achieving the waterline like other eyeliners. However, the quality of the eyeliner should not be compromised as eyes are a sensitive part of the human body hence they should be protected at all costs.



Eyeliners occur in different colors. Hence, one can experiment with as many colors as possible to achieve what pleases them. However, the best color choice of the eyeliner should consider the skin tone or the eye color such that they compliment the looks of the eyes without hiding the waterline effect that is sought in applying the eyeliner. The eyeliners can be used in different coats which allow the user to have a more bold and appealing waterline. Click here for the best tips on the best waterline eyeliner.

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