Traits Of A Good Public Speaker

Public speaking can be quite intimidating, but when people want to advance their careers, they have to have a voice. Public speaking involves sharing ideas with a group of individuals. It could be a small crowd or a large crowd, but individuals have to be focused on their presentations and capture the attention of their audience. Here are some of the traits that a good public speaker must possess;


When it comes to public speaking, confidence is essential. People view a confident speaker as beingcredible, more intelligent, likable and competent among other positive traits. It is natural to be nervous when speaking to a crowd but the speakers should try their best not to show the people that they are nervous. The group will lose interest and disregard the speaker.


Being yourself during a presentation is important. A written speech may come off as boring, so if a speaker has to deviate a little from the speech, they are encouraged to do. By doing so, they will keep the audience entertained and eager to listen to what they have to say.

Connection With The Audience

A speech should be like a conversation. The speaker should, therefore, involve themselves with the crowd. The speaker should be able to communicate with a group of even one thousand people the same way they would talk with one person. It may not be easy to speak to a large crowd because some of them could be distracted by their phones, or they could be talking to one another, and it might be demoralizing. However, a good speaker should be able to make the crowd listen to them.


A good speaker repeats the key points to their audience so that they do not miss out on anything. It promotes clarity and enables the crowd to accept some ideologies. For the crowd to connect with the speakers, the speakers have to determine what they want the crowd to get from them. They will, therefore, emphasize on those key points.


Being audible is paramount when it comes to public speaking. What may make the speaker incoherent is being nervous or shy. They should, therefore, try their best to gain confidence and be audible enough for the crowd to hear them. That does not mean that they should shout, they should be moderate in their speech. In a large room, they should make sure that even the person at the farthest end can hear them.…

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